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Goldriech Freight Agencies Limited commenced operations in 1979 as a complete logistics solution company for the direct movement of cargo from origin to your destination efficiently, timely and safely. We are a custom licensed independent freight forwarding and clearing company in Nigeria with affiliates in the United Kingdom and the United States of America providing international sea, air, road transportation and custom brokerage services to destinations in West Africa and all over the world. We are poised to ensures peedy and safe movement of goods for Pharmaceutical,telecommunication, Oil and Gas, Construction, Food & Beverages and Agro-Allied companies, among others.

We focus on bespoke and cost-effective freight forwarding services from collection through customs clearance until final delivery to our clients.

The company’s superb relationship with relevant government agencies and private stakeholders like Customs and Terminal Operators has provided us with an edge to deliver the quality service always. We have also adopted advanced information technology that enables us to handle multiple cargo clearing at the same time. Over the years, we have proved ourselves as a reliable and dependable licensed Customs agent and international freight forwarder.

We help clients, suppliers and manufacturers attain operational & managerial excellence all across our global supply chains and distribution management. Through productive, effective and incremental solutions that leverage the advanced technologies, we empower clients to address complex issues of warehousing management, supply chain management and rendering them with better visibility of our inventory in transit. The overall services offered by the Goldriech Freight Agencies Limited substantially lower costs for systems integration as well as management.

Goldriech Freight Agencies Limited integrated supply chain management solutions to our clients in order to improve their processes, visibly reducing their operational & transportation costs. The time-sensitive delivery schedules and accurate order tracking helps our clients to focus on their core activities.

Corporate Philosophy
Offering the combined services of shipping, trucking, warehousing & Customs brokerage to help our clients achieve a seamless, timely and safe delivery of goods with accurate customs compliance. We aim to provide a full range of services as a one stop shop for all our client’s logistics needs.

Our Vision
Developing satisfied customers by leveraging our international presence in creating a dynamic approach that meets all our customer’s freight forwarding and logistics needs.

Our Mission
To establish ourselves as the best logistics service provider and be a leading specialist in the field of international freight forwarding.

Our Core Values

Trust – as full freight service providers, we appreciate trust as a currency in our business. And we know that only excellent service repeated over time, builds trust in relationships.

Resilience – forging ahead with solutions to suit clients irrespective of the circumstances, and driving resilience in clients too.

Speed – the timing of our services is of extreme value to our clientele and may be the difference between a growing and profitable business and one on the verge of collapse. Thus, speed is key.

Innovation – seeking new methods, ideas and products as solutions to client’s challenges.

Safety – ensuring goods are delivered safely and in its original state being the reason why our clients come to us in the first place.